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kaleidoscope 04 (horror)

The pain was so instantaneous that she was too shocked too react at first. She could barely register the shouting and screaming around her as the horror of what had just happened hit her. As her body hit the floor and the pool of blood began to form around her she smiled a little smile of triumph and then Carol's world which had before been filled with silk sheets and a little boy's curly hair turned a black so dark she would never return... James sat where his mother's tackle had landed him and watched in horror as the man's big knife hit his mother's arm before the cook hit him hard on the head with the tea pot and he too fell to the ground. His seven year old mind could not process the things his poor eyes saw so very clearly. His mom was on the floor and there was blood all over her even though it was her arm that was cut. Her dark hair was mattered to the floor where blood touched it. Her morning gown once white, was now crimson where it touched the floor. It had the effect of making her look as if she were drowning in a sea of blood except her eyes were closed and she was not fighting to get out of it. This sight overwhelmed poor little James and being a child he did the only thing her new how to. He ran. He wanted to gets far away from the blood as possible. He ran to his room and locked the door behind him. He hid under his bed and closed his eyes with his palms held together as he prayed the Lords prayer. He knew not what he prayed for but he prayed over and over with tears streaming down his face until he fell asleep. . . . tO bE cONtiNueD
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