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Nirvana, Take over (Ophelia)

Wednesday, Russia

It still escaped Ophelia why a mental institution had a library but it worked out well for her so she left it alone. In the twenty two years she had been locked away here she had never tried to escape or ask too many questions. She simply did as she was required; she took her medicines when she was asked and slept when the lights were turned off and  she asked no questions. And every night when the lights went off she slept without so much as a tear. There  was a sad peace to her existence, any sane person could deduce that living under these circumstance she couldn't possibly be happy but yet they could not for the life of them imagine her existing beyond this institution that she called home simply because it was all she knew and anyone who saw her could tell...

And so like any other day, Ophelia got up when she heard the others begin their daily rants of either having conversations with themselves or cursing out everything and anyone, at times no one at all, f…
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Wine Stains

Dab, Dab, Dab. She wasn't completely sure what she was doing would work but this needed to be taken care of. This was a white carpet after all. Was it paper towels or a cloth she was suppose to use? It was difficult to remember, everything was still a little hazy overwhelmed  as she was by the ringing in her ear among other sensations.

May she should rub rather than dab? 'Hopefully that wont spread the stain', she thought to herself as she raked her fuzzy brain trying her best to recall how she got the previous stains out. 'Next time' she thought, 'Maybe not on the couch'. Oh but the couch had been fun, more fun than the bed or the bath. She made a small moaning sound in the back of her throat, legs clenching at the assualt of memory. 
'Maybe I should call mom and ask how to get rid of this', she thought to herself once she'd gotten her wayward thoughts back in line. That made her blush, her already flushed face turning brighter at the thought o…

Sins of the father

It was truly pretty speech, the man he had been would not have hesitated to answer the call but the creature he was now could not be bothered. "No." he barely registered the shock and dismay on the Queen's face before he turned his back on her to look upon the image on his cell wall.
"Please Astaad, we need you. There truly is no other person to lead a successful charge but you. Reconsider, we run out of time every passing minute." Her plea made, the woman currently considered Queen of the known world turned to leave barely keeping tears of frustration at bay.
Remaining as he was, Astaad continued his observation of the image upon his wall ignoring the fact that his cell door had been left a jar behind the little Queen. She did not know enough of him to understand that though she may offer it he was not the least bit tempted by the promise of freedom. His incarceration was his own doing, having walked into this cell over half a millennia ago and simply never le…

Nirvana; The Histories (Awakening)

After living so long in the new world Onora found coming back to this world a little archaic. Sure they were able to do everything that the new world could better even but she missed the little things, like sweat pants, cappuccino makers and internet. She sighed and leaned further against the window. It had been three days since they had been back and in those three days she had spent most of her time wondering what it was she was going to tell Carolina when she woke up. She had known that girl since she was but a baby and although she had raised her and taught her to dance she had also lied to her from the very beginning. To be fair it was required of her not to tell the truth but it had been her choice not to tell her her real name and as minor a detail as it was, for a person who was about to find out that everything they ever thought they knew wasn't true it would have been nice for at least something as simple as her name to have been true.

'You are worried what the dance…

Nirvana, Take Over (Irina)

Thursday Alaska

There is an almost audible shattering within your head that happens when the bonds you believed to hold your world as you know it fall apart. She frowned, how odd that its shattering she heard and not snapping. Her mother looked at her with a mix of fear and confusion on her face, and if Irina was not mistaken, joy and relief. She could understand why her mother felt all those things in that moment; Fear she felt because she had just told her fourteen year old daughter the world's biggest secret and it may either be a) too much for her to handle or b) make her resent her, Confusion because Irina had yet to say anything and so she didn't know what to expect, Joy possibly because for the first time since Irina had been conceived her mother had used her talent and relief because it was a load off to finally not have to hide it from her child. All this made perfect sense except the actual subject matter.
"So we aren't human...?" she asked  tentatively…

Nirvana, Take Over (Azmera)

Thursday ,Eretria

Walking around the house her mind on the thought of this being the last time she would see all of this. The bed she'd found peace on every night for the past twenty two years, the curtain with the Arabic symbols on it  across the room, the chair she had done her homework at every night, it would all remain behind when she left for the city, a thought that saddened and frightened her. This was all she'd known of life and letting go for only God knew what  was going to be an experience that required the utmost bravery of her.
"Are you awake yet you lazy useless thing!?" the shriek came from  a room across from her broke her revere while simultaneously ruining her day. She looked around the room once again and saw it all in a different light; the bed that as a child she had cried herself to sleep on every night, the  chair she had eventually had to use as a table because a chair and a bed was all the furniture she was allowed to have, the curtain whos…

Nirvana (Take Over, Craig)

Wednesday, Estonia

It was as if in that moment the world in it's entirety held it's breath so the sound of his heart breaking was more audible. The soundtrack to the beginning of his misery started off with a snapping of bones, and a scream of absolute agony. Followed on queue by sound of falling rocks silencing the screams,then silence...

Where before there stood a man screaming there was now nothing but a puff of settling dust. what an appropriate visual to such a silence. This particular vision of silence stuck with Craig through the rescue, the memorials and the funeral. Tears seemed to be beyond him at this point. He was not the only one who'd lost someone they cared about in the mining accident but Steven had been all he'd had. All of Craig's memories, happy or otherwise were always inclusive of Steven. They had grown up together, inseparable. From their days in the orphanage to the last three years working the mine. They had done everything together and woul…