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Nirvana, Take over (Ophelia)

Wednesday, Russia

It still escaped Ophelia why a mental institution had a library but it worked out well for her so she left it alone. In the twenty two years she had been locked away here she had never tried to escape or ask too many questions. She simply did as she was required; she took her medicines when she was asked and slept when the lights were turned off and  she asked no questions. And every night when the lights went off she slept without so much as a tear. There  was a sad peace to her existence, any sane person could deduce that living under these circumstance she couldn't possibly be happy but yet they could not for the life of them imagine her existing beyond this institution that she called home simply because it was all she knew and anyone who saw her could tell...

And so like any other day, Ophelia got up when she heard the others begin their daily rants of either having conversations with themselves or cursing out everything and anyone, at times no one at all, f…

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