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Puffy Thoughts

The dripping tap, the waves on the water, the curling smoke and the rising steam, swirling in the air around her they engulf her in their warmth caressing her bared skin in their intimate dance.
Hair tied back but a few rebellious strands loose from her bun are mattered to her perspiring skin.
Eyes closed leaning back she lets her senses wonder, to the water touching all her skin, the heat of it soothing her fatigued muscles, she breaths out a sigh, it's been a long day.
Soaking in the water, eyes still closed a smirk passes for only but a second on her face to be replaced by a frown. In that second she is aware of the feel of the water on her most sensitive parts: it's everywhere, on her breasts, her belly, her thighs and on places she wishes she could forget.
The frown. "Fuck, it's been too long."She lets the cigarette fall into the water as she rises out of the tub. Reaching for the towel she catches a glimpse of herself in the full length mirror. She stops and stares, from her feet to her hair she can't help but note the flaws; scares, stretch marks, multi toned skin..
But despite all that, the smirk is right there on her face. "Fuck it." She walks out of the bathroom, towel and flaws forgotten.

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