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kaleidoscope 01

"I'll do it"
Three simple words that would turn his life upside down. As Chance walked out into the street he muled over what he had just done. He'd just sold his soul to the devil. Thanks to his father, now Chamberlain literally owned him. The term "sins of the father" was suddenly too familiar for his liking.
Carol. Shit, she'd never understand, or worse, she'd want to go with him! Hell!!!
As he walked on home he dragged his booted feet trying to will the sun to set so he'd atleast find his wife asleep. He couldn't face her, not with this, he was tired mentally and physically. Despite having worked at Sealiton mine only a year, already his lungs were becoming weaker from all the dust. But being the man his mother raised him to be, he dragged his suffering lungs to mine everyday at 5am for his family. Another sad thought... his family, his wife Carol had had two miscarriages in the first two of the five years they'd been married. She'd wanted a babe badly, and after the second time she'd given up. Looking up he realised that in his daze he'd somehow arrived home. Home, was a small cottage at the edge of town. It was old and rickety but it was THEIR home. His heart gave a painfull thump at the thought of leaving his little cosy home behind.
Sins of the father.
Walking in to his home he couldn't help but smile as he immediately spotted his wife. Carol.
She was smilling at him as she rushed towards him, she flung her body into his in an enthusiastic embrace. God he'd miss this. He'd miss her. She was a short woman, with the most beautiful brown eyes, tiny nose and a sweet face. Looking down at her he couldn't help but feel a swell of pride in his chest. She was his. Her full figure that never seized to amaze him, those hands that fit just right in his and her lips... he'd barely registered what her intention was before she kissed him full on on the mouth. He lost all train of thought as he lost himself in her kiss. She was sweet and she was breathing heavily and her body was pressed against his..
Her hands.. her hands were working his buttons and fast! He had to stop this. He held he by the shoulders and pushed her away. He regreted it even before he saw the questioning look on her face.
Despite his need to rip her clothes off and lose himself in her, he managed to say "Love, we need to talk"

We need to talk? For all the five years Carol had been married to Chance and the 4 years before that, he'd never said that to her. Something was wrong.
"Chance? Whats wrong?"
He didn't respond. Something was very wrong. She looked at him closer, his eyes focused on every part of her face but her eyes. He looked different. Chance had always been proud of himself. He always had an air about him that was almost regal. Right now he looked small, shrunken almost. Which seemed weird for a man his size. He opened his mouth to say something then closed it.
She was looking at him, she knew something was wrong. He should tell her the truth she'd understand, but dear God he couldn't do it. She'd want to come with him and he wasn't having that. He'd make sure she remained here where it's safe. He took a strengthening breath.
"Carol, i have to leave. Tonight."
"What?! Why!?" what was he on about?
"I'm leaving you... for now. I can't tell you why, or how long i'll be gone, but i promise, i'll be back before long."
He moved past her to head to the room. She didn't move.
Something about this was very familiar. Something about this scene had a tinge of Deja vu to it.
Dear God in heaven! Her father. He'd done the same thing to her mother. She'd been there. He'd said the same words; "I promise i'll be back before long"
It was the same as before, except it was her mother and she'd had a child. While now she, Carol, was withchild.
Shaking off her shock she turned and ran after him. Stopping him at their bedroom door she told him.
"Chance... I'm pregnant."
He froze mid stride. The room went silent. She held her breath to hear what he had to say, he had his back to her so she couldn't read his face. He turned and the man that stared her in the eye was unfamiliar as he said.
"It probably wont survive anyway, so it doesn't change anything"
Her world had crumbled around her at that moment, she barely felt a thing as her body slumped to the floor right by the door.
She barely registered anything as he turned away, packed his bag, turned back, kissed her forehead and walked around her as if she were a piece of furniture and walked out the door and out her life.
It felt like hours later when she crawled to the bed, put her hands to on her belly and wept till she fell asleep.
It was mid afternoon when she finally opened her eyes.
She was fully dressed, pregnant and ALONE.
tO BE coNtINUed
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