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Nirvana; The Histories (Awakening)

After living so long in the new world Onora found coming back to this world a little archaic. Sure they were able to do everything that the new world could better even but she missed the little things, like sweat pants, cappuccino makers and internet. She sighed and leaned further against the window. It had been three days since they had been back and in those three days she had spent most of her time wondering what it was she was going to tell Carolina when she woke up. She had known that girl since she was but a baby and although she had raised her and taught her to dance she had also lied to her from the very beginning. To be fair it was required of her not to tell the truth but it had been her choice not to tell her her real name and as minor a detail as it was, for a person who was about to find out that everything they ever thought they knew wasn't true it would have been nice for at least something as simple as her name to have been true.

'You are worried what the dancer will think of you when she wakes up.' it wasn't a question, Nina never asked questions, and she never said anything out loud either. The words had been placed in Onorah's head as if the thought of the words was originally hers. The only give away being the knowledge that Nina was near by and the fact that she was holding Onorah's hand. She looked down to the girl and smiled.
'How did you know'
'I just did'
'How have you been Nina, I've missed you.' She hugged the little girl to her side and kissed the top of her head. 'I've missed you too, I want to talk to you but not now' there was a troubled twinge to her thoughts 'they are coming to wake them'
By 'they' Nina meant Modecai, he was cousin to the queen and had been charged with bringing the New world dwellers to Gaia. 

"Mmm.. Come along lets get this over and done with. I'd like to be in my bed before the sun sets." he growled as he entered the room.

 It was a beautiful morning and barely daylight, Zahra managed to keep her face completely blank as if she didn't know why he was looking forward to going to bed so quickly. They had been apart for nearly two decades when Zahra had been sent to take over watch of Azmera for a guide who had defected. If the past two nights had been anything to go by Modecai would have rather spent just about every hour of the day in bed with his wife making up for lost time. The old man still had a lot of years in him despite his tendency to complain about being too old to be bothered about everything. He was a grumpy old fool, but he was her grumpy old fool. 

"How bloody long does it take to wake them up we haven't all day!!" he grunted to the healer. There were two healers per person, each had their eyes closed  as they worked. They were similar to Earthen Doctors except they used no steel instruments and needed nothing but their minds to heal. One healer ensured that the person under his care of was of optimum physical condition. They got rid of injuries -like in Carolina's case- and any other underlying potentially problematic conditions -like the cancerous cells that had began to form in Craig's lungs. The other healer focused on their mental well being, they tried to determine each person's ability and it's potential for growth, they checked for mental barriers and in the cases of Craig and Ophelia, attempted to ease their emotional suffering so they could cope with what lay ahead.

There was only one healer still working, she sat cross legged hovering in the air next to Craig's body which was hovering in the air with his head nearly in her lap and him comatose. There were beads of sweat on her brow. She opened her eyes when Modecai spoke "You may wake him, but I assure you, he will not be able to cope. His ability although latent has increased the strength of his mental barriers he built around himself. His  emotion enhances the barriers strength and without waking him we can do nothing to assist."

As she spoke she came closer to the ground and stretched out her leg so she landed smoothly on one bare foot then then next like a ballerina in slow motion leaving Craig floating about thirty inches off the ground like the others. "Give him to Mother..'' she turned to look at Nina as she said this "she would be better suited to wake him." Nina simply nodded in response. She had long accepted her title as The Mother, it was a prestigious title although a burden to bare.

"Alright, Nina take him with you..." Modecai was the only person who in the presence of others never bothered to refer to Nina by her title, everyone else called her Mother. It was nice to simply be Nina, "..and may everyone leave the room except the Guides." As silently the barefoot caretakers walked out the room the remaining Guides being Zahra, Onorah and Brianna remained in the room with the unconscious trio - Azmera, Ophelia and Carolina. Zahra stood perfectly still exuding immense levels of calm, Onorah seemed to be the same except she kept wiping her palms down her dress as if nervous, Brianna was quiet as always being the face of tranquility. Modecai looked around the room once then took a deep breath and held out his hands at his sides. The three women followed suit. They stood in a semi circle at the feet of the floating unconscious bodies. There was a sharp intake of breath from each guide before Modecai said "Wake."

Modecai opened his eyes and so did the Guides as they awaited the three New World dwellers to awake


In another part of Gaia a sandy haired boy with one green eye and the other blue sat in couch watching the world pass by as the horses ate away at the ground. "Do not be nervous Makhail, the queen means you no harm" the woman he had always believed to be his mother smiled down at him. It was a genuine smile, one that made her eyes crinkle at the corners. What could she possibly be finding humorous right now? He didn't dwell on the thought too much. It was not the queen he was worried about, in fact he was not at all worried.  Despite the ambiguity encompassing his summons to the queen's court. He was curious, curious about the woman who birthed him and risked her beating heart to save him. The woman he knew nothing about till this morning. Who was she, would she have been as great a mom as Elina had been? How different would his life be?
Would he live to be worth her sacrifice? Beyond his mother's heart, what else would such a spell take from him...


So this is Gaia, her mother had described it to Irina but she hadn't quiet believed it existed till right in this moment. She stood on a balcony over looking most of the Palace attempting to see as far as her eyes would let her. "So this is where we're from" she said out loud. "Yes baby, this is home. At least my home. Come, lets go meet your uncle, but first you gotta change. We don't wear jeans in Gaia" she giggled. Irina couldn't say she liked the idea of not wearing jeans but what choice did she have, she grimaced as her mother pulled her to the room she had been assigned by a too serious man in clothes that looked like they belonged in Gandalf's wardrobe.

Minutes later she stood starring at her reflection dressed in what was essentially a top and pants but was so intricately designed and had so much flowing material one might mistake it for a dress. She twirled once and giggled. Ok maybe she could live without the jeans. As she walked away from the mirror she failed to note the little blue mark that had appeared on her back where her heart is...

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