Nirvana, Take Over (Irina)

Thursday Alaska

There is an almost audible shattering within your head that happens when the bonds you believed to hold your world as you know it fall apart. She frowned, how odd that its shattering she heard and not snapping. Her mother looked at her with a mix of fear and confusion on her face, and if Irina was not mistaken, joy and relief. She could understand why her mother felt all those things in that moment; Fear she felt because she had just told her fourteen year old daughter the world's biggest secret and it may either be a) too much for her to handle or b) make her resent her, Confusion because Irina had yet to say anything and so she didn't know what to expect, Joy possibly because for the first time since Irina had been conceived her mother had used her talent and relief because it was a load off to finally not have to hide it from her child. All this made perfect sense except the actual subject matter.
"So we aren't human...?" she asked  tentatively dreading the answer yet needing to know. She felt pretty human, and her parents looked human. Irina and her father had hazel locks where her mother had blonde hair, while Irina and her mother had eyes so blue they were almost indigo and her dad had  brown eyes. They were all quiet tall but in an ordinary way, and they ate ordinary food and lived like everyone else.
Her mother suppressed a giggle while her father openly chuckled, "Oh Rina of course we are" he finally responded as his chuckles began to subside.
Irina's mother seeing the hurt look on her daughters face stepped in "We are human Rina we just aren't  from the same group of humans as everyone we know is, though technically you're half and half. Its like Harry Potter... sorta"
 "Okay... Mom please explain it again, slowly this time!" Her mother's cheeks flushed, Alara had been so nervous she had spoken a little too fast the first time, Gerald had stepped in to assist eventually when he realized his wife was rambling.
 "Okay, You know all the stories of how the human race supposedly came to be yes?" Irina nodded. "Well the truth is we existed for much longer than "this world" is aware of." It was while er mother was making quote marks in the air that Irina remembered the disturbing figure in the room. "Mom please make it go away..." the was a pained accent to her voice as she said it and her mother noticed it before she realized she'd done it. She smiled a wobbly smile as she waved her hand gently above the air on the figure and Irina watched a little amazed yet simultaneous disturbed once again as the giant sized solid snowflake that had been floating serenely above her mother's lap disappeared as if it had never been. She shuddered.
 Clearing her throat her mother carried on to explain how the war which she gave no details of  caused 'The Tearing Of The World' and how these two worlds, one with ordinary humans  and one with those that are like her mother, simultaneously exist on the same planet but on different planes. She went further on to explain how The Tearing Of The World was when humans as we know them began to exist and how the two worlds never mixed until about a few centuries ago when The Old Ones began to notice people in the new world that carried the genes of the Originals and had sent people like her mother to 'monitor' those families.

"Those of us who were sent to watch The New Ones were called guides, and our duty was to ensure that these individuals did not do anything to expose our assistance through their abilities to the New World. I was your fathers guide, that's how we met." Irina felt love and bile rise in her chest as she watched her mother look at her father and smile that secret smile she unfortunately understood while her father smiled his crooked smile he saved only for his wife. They were doing that thing again were they got all misty eyed got close and

"Whoa impressionable teen in the room!!" she half shouted as she clapped her hands at them. They stole a quick kiss and turned back to her, they were sitting much closer than they had been before.

"So if our worlds are meant to be separate why do we have to go?"

"I don't know, they suddenly called me and they told me to bring you both..." There was something about the way her mother said it that filled Irina with dread.

"Mom, whats wrong?" her father answered instead, he was speaking with his serious voice and there wasn't a hint of laughter in his eye

"Guides are forbidden to have relations with the people they are assigned to. Up until last night we hadn't heard anything from them since the day we got married."

"That's twenty two years ago... So why now?" Irina thought out loud.

"We don't know..." her mother solemnly responded


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