Nirvana, Take over (Ophelia)

Wednesday, Russia

It still escaped Ophelia why a mental institution had a library but it worked out well for her so she left it alone. In the twenty two years she had been locked away here she had never tried to escape or ask too many questions. She simply did as she was required; she took her medicines when she was asked and slept when the lights were turned off and  she asked no questions. And every night when the lights went off she slept without so much as a tear. There  was a sad peace to her existence, any sane person could deduce that living under these circumstance she couldn't possibly be happy but yet they could not for the life of them imagine her existing beyond this institution that she called home simply because it was all she knew and anyone who saw her could tell...

And so like any other day, Ophelia got up when she heard the others begin their daily rants of either having conversations with themselves or cursing out everything and anyone, at times no one at all, for this was simply part of their daily existence. Here sanity was probably defined differently from what she thought but to her; sanity was and would ways be the ability to accept one's choices, blessings and/or curses and their consequences. This was her life because at nine years old unknowing of the power of words and wishes she unconsciously murdered her family and also innocently believing in the world she expected sympathy and care of some sort. Instead she was judged mad by neighbors and children she had once played with, parents who had once graced her mother's home admiring Ophelia's smarts and looks now looking at her strange and concluding that her family's strange and untimely death had driven the once brilliant little girl mad... Thus she had been shipped off to this mental institution for the rest of her life. She had not, in the beginning, graciously accepted her fate, kicking and screaming and uttering endless prayers  that they come back she had been taken from her room  and delivered here. This was now and forever would be home. It had taken her a while to accept this fact but with time and a lot of growth she had learnt to accept her fate.

Thankfully over the years she had discovered her love for books. She had at first read because she did not want to miss out on her education and so with the help of one very gracious nurse who although believed the story that was that her families death had overwhelmed Ophelia to the point of insanity she also saw that the girl did have a brain and that without urging she could become intelligent beyond anything that the others where ever allowed to be. She limited Ophelia's daily dose of anti depressants to only when the then young and un-accepting Ophelia  had her moments where emotions overwhelmed her causing her to scream and self harm. With time of course these fits became none existent allowing her to read at her leisure which was everyday between the hours of ten a.m and  seven p.m. daily, setting with the exception of meal times. When she read she was at her happiest. She allowed each character she came across to carry her off to their world, their time, their troubles and their happy endings. It was her haven, that world where she was not Ophelia forever to live among society's rejects but rather a girl with dream and hope, or  young man with the world and love only a breath away. Every night when she put away her book and went off to bed she resumed her role of Ophelia and it saddened her greatly yet she did not dream of escape or a miracle, this was her punishment and she'd take it gracefully.

There wasn't a noise in the little room but something woke Ophelia. Where before she woke to Maria's ravings she woke to absolute silence and a darkness that confirmed that it was still the middle of the night. Choosing to ignore whatever it was that had woken her she turned in her cot intending to go back to sleep. Just as soon as her closed she began to dream a dream quiet unlike her usual dreams...

A woman, quiet beautiful stood while Ophelia slept. It was strange to see herself as if she was not within her own body. The woman sat in her billowing dress of sea green and laid a her hand across the sleeping Ophelia's brow gently brushing back her hair and whispering something in her ear then stood beside the cot. The sleeping Ophelia rose from the cot eyes closed and reached for the woman's out stretched hand  and walked to stand before the east facing wall of the room. Turning she stretched out her free hand towards the watching Ophelia and said with a smile on her face "Come my Darling, the sun is rising. Come see it." There was a beckoning in her words and face she could not deny. As if in a daze she reached for the hand before her and turned towards the now non existent wall and waited as the sky began to brighten, to watch the sunrise..


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