Nirvana (Take Over, Carolina)

Thursday, Spain

Carolina counted down the milliseconds as the curtain slowly closed. The applause was deafening and the effort the keep the smile pasted on her face excruciating. Taking one last bow she waited further still for the relief of lack of audience, the second the curtains finally met she promptly fell to the ground and barely stifled a cry. The relief of being off her foot was soothing though the pain of having being on it was more overwhelming. She felt hands go around her, familiar hands. She knew Alex had seen it happen the exact instance she had realized it too. She had landed badly on a tricky jump. It had taken all she had not to scream when it had happend. But mama had taught her well, she'd continued with the show with the audience completely oblivious to her injury. Without opening her eyes she simply gave in to the pain and let the tears flow.
"Baby I'm sorry, we'll get you to Madam Justina, she'll take care of you" Alex's voice was shaky as her lifted her up off the stage careful not to touch her already injured foot.

Alex was her partner and Carolina knew him well enough to know he probably blamed himself for her injury. She looked up at him and said simply "It's not your fault, I landed badly"
He held her tighter and moved faster without acknowledging her statement. In no time at all they were in Madam Justina's rooms which were in the building attached to the theartre.

"My Carolina, let me see." A pair of brown eyes looking slightly drowned in kohl looked down at her.   Madam Justina whom outside working hours Carolina knew as mama was looking at her leg worridely. Before she had been a dance instructor Madam Justino had been a nurse for many years and so she'd taken care of most of Carolina's injuries all her life. "I'll have to take you to see the  doctor Lina, this is beyond my abilities." She then moved back and ordered that Alex gently carry Carolina to the car. Once safety in the backseat of mama's car Carolina looked at her ankle and gasped. It was swelling rapidly with her bone sticking out against her skin at an odd angle. As mama drove she began to hyper ventilate as the possible implications of the injury set in. She may never dance again or at least as good as before... Her mind went into full on panick mode which had her gasping for air with her hands moving every which way attempting to find something to hold on to that felt like solid ground.

Seeing Carolina's panick set in Madam Justina stopped the car and turned in her seat to look at her. "Lina it's okay, I'm here child you'll be okay." She cradled the side of Lina's face with one hand and looked straight into her frightened eyes. She waited only a few seconds before she saw Lina's eyes begin to go cloudy and finally shut. She let her lie back against the seat and gave it a moment before She drove back onto the road and drove the car towards a near by garage. There she parked the car and moved to the backseat so she sat with Carolina held safely in her arms. "It'll all be okay soon my Lina, we're going home"

Days later a grief stricken Alex sat in his bed attempting to discern why the world had chosen to take these two from him. He could think of plenty people he could live without in fact he could live without just about everyone, but to lose Carolina before he'd had the chance to tell her loved her...


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