Punch Drunk Love

It's all slow and mesmerisingly beautiful when you see it in the movies. There's always some whisper of a song in the air, wind blowing her hair just at the direction, as their eyes meet and their hearts beat loudly like out stretched hands reaching for each other... The sheer beauty of the moment when love discovers love. Boy meets girl, it's a beautiful beginning to a presumably beautiful love... It's a similar scenario, only so much better... My heart beats so loud it overwhelms the noise of the crowds shutting out all noise and bringing him into focus, sight on my target; the man looking right back at me, eye to eye I feel my whole being react as my hand reaches for him, every part of my being craving that connection... Wanting it so badly, my mind knows the cost of not succeeding yet all that matters in that moment is him and I... Myself and him. My soul ever so patient holds still for the moment of impact... Everything is in slow motion as my hand reaches it's intended target. The room literally quiets for a spilt second at the sound of the connection, his eyes roll back into his head and his head follows the move as his body crumbles to the floor and i remain standing... victorious. The man behind the microphone is the first to break the silence speaking rapidly saying only God knows what, the crowds holds their breath as the ref begins the count "...9 ...10 His OUT!!!" and the crowd goes wild, some cheering some cursing at their loss. This is the moment they've waited for, the moment after my moment. I barely care about what's happening around me, my whole system still trembling from the pure beauty of My Moment. No one gets that, non but the only other person who experienced that earth moving moment with me. Hours later when the pains of the build up to that moment catch up to me in bed with each bruise attempting to out do the other in terms of intensity of pain and the winner unclear, i look up into those same eyes form earlier now drowsy from exertion and a slight concussion and can't help but smile. Spying my championship belt behind his head, winking at me as if sharing some secret, I can't help but laugh at the ridiculousness of the damn thing. No one else gets it, no else could, except he who was in the fight, it's just always that way...


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