Cigarettes and Gum

Watching this guy was like pure ecstasy, sitting at the bar cigarette in his left hand, tie undone head bowed down over a glass of whiskey, hair ruffled with the world moving on around him unnoticed he just seemed to just belong in the scene. Like the world had gone out of it's way to create this scene. beautiful... As she takes the last few puffs of her cigarette she contemplates him and what could possibly be bothering him only to realise, she really didn't care. all she wanted was to have fun and as heaven would have it this man was it tonight. She put out her cigarette and pulled out her pocket mirror from her hand bag, looking back at her were green eyes on caramel skin, dark hair, red lips, a beauty mark at the bottom left of her bottom lip and a smile that had more than proved it could reduce any man to a crumbling fool. As she rose she fixed her dress ensuring it covered yet exposed all the right places. The poor bastard was in for the ride of a lifetime... "Show time" He heard her before her saw her, above the music and the noise he could hear the clink of her heals as they approached. She came at a very slow pace, it reminded him of the predators on animal planet and the way they moved sleekly before pouncing. She was close enough for him to catch her scent now. It was very sweet, but not rose sweet but rather spice sweet, but somehow it didn't smell store bought. She was at his elbow now, the final clink stopped just at his side he continued to bow his head wanting her to be the first to state her intentions. "Rough day?" as she said this she moved to sit at the stool beside him, he opened his eyes to finally look at her. Stunning was the first word that came to his mind, but stunning rhymed with cunning and being who he was he'd be a fool to miss the glint of pure trouble in her eyes. She wore a long black dress that was so tight it seemed like a second skin showing nothing and everything at the same time. No man could possibly resist such a beauty. And although he was no exception to her charm, her wasn't any other man. "Nice to meet you doll. Cigarette?" he pulled out a pack and held it out for her. "Thanks, I'd love one." she pulled it out and before she could reach for her bag for her lighter he was holding out a flaming lighter before her face. "Fast aren't we?" she looked up at him as she lit her cigarette. "No doll, I like to take my time... so what'll you be drinking?" "I'll have what you're having." as he waved to the bartender and got their drinks she got a chance to look at him while he looked away. This man radiated heat in waves. where before she'd thought she'd seen potential now she saw guaranteed trouble and she was loving it. This man with his unshaved face, strong jaw, his broad shoulders, big hands and only heaven knew what lay beneath that jacket... this was the kinda trouble women could only dream about. "So what's your plan for tonight apart form staring at me?" dammit he'd noticed. Seemingly unphased she answered "I honestly don't know but that is where the plan begins..." He smirked, it was a beautiful smirk...popping a gum into his mouth he said "Brave little thing aren't you? Well i've had my fill for tonight, wanna ditch this place?" She smiled... "Gladly" It was many hours later when she woke up in her apartment, feeling happily worn out only to find herself alone. He'd left while she slept and although that was just what she liked it she felt a little affronted. She didn't even know his name and chances are they'd never meet again. Crap! No number, no name... he'd disappeared and the most she knew about him was that he like cigarettes and gum... Damn him!!!


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