It wasn't that he'd entered the figures wrong but that somewhere in his calculations wrong. It was one a simple matter of multiplying where he should have added and now he'd gone and made a fool of himself during his presentation. What had his boss called it “wonderland profits” damn. He had one last chance to redeem himself and he could barely focus. Figures where his calling for as long as he could remember and yet today, for some reason he could barely focus on them. Leaning back in his office chair he took off his glasses and closed his eyes.  Covering his face with his hands he tried breathing slowly to ease his frustration. He needed a good long holiday, or a new hobby. He’d been working too damn hard on this insufferable project. He felt hot, his tie was strangling him and the stupid air conditioner was too damn loud, or was his office too quiet. Pushing back his chair he rose as he loosened his tie. He needed a break but now just wasn’t a good time.  Walking towards the window he looked out and down at the street. He was tired and he had no life to speak off outside this damn building. For God's sake he lived across the damn thing! This job had consumed him wholly so. And he had nothing to show for it but a divorce and a lonely and empty apartment building with a creaking door and a lazy dog. In his youth he’d always thought by now, at forty six, he'd be married to a loving wife with children who adored him, living in a nice suburban neighborhood and driving a crappy old six setter minivan he hated and adored at the same time.  He put his hands in his pockets and closed his eyes, finding pleasure in his thoughts and planning his next move. He needed to get away.
Sitting at her desk Veronica found herself at a total loss for words. In all her eight years of working for Mr. Mackenzie she'd never in her life seen his smile let alone spot him with his tie undone. Gerald as far as she knew didn't even know what a smile was let alone how to pull one that striking off. Not even in her fantasies of him (which she had too often to count) did he… let loose. In her fantasies he was always so forceful like he is at his meetings, rough and demanding, with his big hands all over her and his body looking fine all glistened up and begging for her attention. From his broad shoulders; to his beautiful chest; his fabulous abs; his toned torso and his beautiful….
“Mrs. Brown?” Looking up Veronica was mortified to find Mr. Mackenzie watching her with reprimanding look. She'd been so lost in her fantasy she'd forgot where she was.  Trying her best to hide her furious blush she started shuffling paper at her desk attempting to look busy.
“Please reschedule all my meetings till the end of the month I'll be on holiday till then. Send any paper work that needs  personnel with seniority to Mr. Sterling’s office and sign for any delivered packages. I shan't be taking any calls or messages from here unless there’s a global crisis of some sort so no calls or messages understood?”
If he'd never seen his secretary shocked he saw it now. She’d been with him for about eight years and not once in those eight years had he taken a sick day let alone a full on holiday.
Finally finding her voice she responded “b-b-but sir it’s the second today! That means you’ll be gone literally the whole month! And you've got..” shuffling through her calendar she paused at a few dates “four meetings with the partners this month sir. I couldn’t possibly reschedule…”
Looking up she stopped short, he looked irritated. “Will you do what I asked or must I assign Stanely to do it?” As if on cue Stanely stood from his desk opposite Veronica with his hand in the air “It would be my honor sir to…”
“Nobody asked you yet Stanely.” Turning back to Veronica he gave her a questioning look.
“Yes sir I’ll do as you say. But sir may I at least email you regularly to keep you updated?”
Pinching his nose he mumbled something agreeable and walked out the door. Veronica wanted to cry thinking how this would be the last time she'd see him for another month!

To be continued... Hopefully


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