My kisses

We at a party and I’m trying to get to know you.
We intoxicated and my judgement's kinda blurred.
We take a walk... you hold my hand I'm think your kinda sweet.
You stop and look me in my eye talking about baby can I get some..
I say no and you all tripping going on about just in kiss. I put my hand over your lips;

Just a kiss? No baby it doen’t work that way. My kisses are too special to give away so easy.
Their like rain in a desert, way too precious to take for granted.
They can’t be given to just about anybody.
Baby you sweet but my kisses cost more than that.
You gotta earn my kisses cause they just too grand to be an all the time thing.
They may grace you once nevertheless after a whole lotta effort on your part.
You could talk the talk for a night but my kiss is a lifetime achievement, A feat non too easy attained.

My kisses are too epic to be given away willy-nilly.
I might have wasted a few over the times but I know now just how dear they are.
They are a treasure to be fully esteemed for their beauty and high eminence.
Like a jewel you gotta roll your sleeves up and labor for an extensive time before you could secure them.
A once in a lifetime thing, like manna from heaven, something far beyond your imagination…


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